Frenly Park is a residential country club planned for development later this year in central Canada. The ideal place to live, work, and raise a family without the stress and pressures of city life.

Legal Structure

If it thrives and grows to a population of 300 people, Frenly Park will be eventually be legally incorporated as a village but in the mean time, it’ll just be structured and operated as a private country club. Memberships will be made available for those wishing to join and live on site.

Village Status

Rather than counting on the Rural Municipality to provide our infrastructure, maintenance, and security, we prefer to manage our own affairs as much as possible. We know that our priorities won’t always align with most of our neighbors and we want to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. The logical route is therefore to incorporate as a municipality of our own in order to assume responsibility for our own development and expenses while relieving the RM of liability.

Why not just build in an existing city?

Simply put, we need more room to breathe. There’s a lot we want to build and we need room to expand. We don’t believe in imposing our preferences on others and would much rather build from scratch than mess with anyone else’s stuff. If we do a good job, we’ll attract new residents and grow. If we don’t, we’ll fizzle out and disappear without significantly impacting anyone else.

Waterfront land for $1 per square foot (+5% tax)


Rental housing will be developed by the club but members can build their own too, as long as removable foundations like helical piles are used. Members can park RVs and pitch tents on their lots too, if that’s the extent of their desire. As long as other members’ lots aren’t being infringed, restrictions will be minimal.

Unique Policies

As a municipality (village, town, or city), we’ll be able to attract businesses and investors by setting our property tax rate at 0% instead of a more typical 1% (residential) or 2% (commercial). This may not seem like such a big deal to everyone, but for some, it really is because it means not having to make payments in perpetuity. We’ll also be more flexible with our zoning, so as to permit the construction and deployment of less conventional residential solutions, such as prefabricated tiny homes. We’ll also establish a police department to provide more dedicated security and law-enforcement services than would otherwise be available from the state.

Apply to Join Us

Anyone interested in joining and claiming square footage is welcome to apply via the contact form below. Introduce yourself and let us know what sort of vision you have in mind. Maybe you see yourself building a little bar, a workshop, or a bed-and-breakfast. Whatever it is, it helps us to know what prospective members are planning so that we can make sure they’re situated in an optimal location on the property. We’ll reply by email and can then set up a live call to get better acquainted.



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Membership NFTs

Memberships can be purchased in the form of unique non-fungible tokens. These are blockchain-based digital assets that cannot be copied or forged. They’re sequentially numbered so that earlier buyers can be prioritized over later ones when they’re picking out their land. The amount of land that a particular token entitles its bearer to is determined by its purchase price in US dollars, which is a matter of public record on the blockchain. Each dollar buys the right to one square foot of land so if you were to buy a particular token for a thousand dollars, it would entitle you to pick out a thousand square feet of land to use. Tokens will only be available directly from us at first, but can easily be bought and sold peer-to-peer as well as on the open market via NFT exchanges. Token buyers can wait to redeem their tokens upon their physical arrival at the property or they can contact us through the website to schedule a live video call and stake their claim in advance. Membership agreements are signed into legal record when the token holders arrive to take physical possession of their claims.

Legal Notice: Frenly Park digital membership tokens are tools for indicating the value of memberships and facilitating their sale. They don’t entitle their holders to dividends or company profits, they retain their original face value (1$ = 1sq ft), they’re not expected to appreciate in value, they’re only intended for use on company property, and they’re offered only to individuals seeking membership. As such, they’re classified as utility tokens rather than as securities, and so are not regulated by the SEC.

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