Frenly Park is a residential country club planned for development later this year in western Canada. Take some time to browse our videos and download the Membership Agreement Sheet here. If you have any questions, just drop us a line through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We’re crowdfunding our first location’s land purchase by selling our first round of memberships. The goal is to gather at least 300 members and distribute a million square feet among them. Once that’s done, it’ll be time to break out the shovels and start the grunt work.

Where is the property located?

Our plan is to establish a network of various different locations around the world but the first property on our shopping list is in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada, between the cities of Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Exact coordinates will be announced when the initial crowdsale is complete.

Do memberships only apply to this one location?

Memberships will apply to all locations, worldwide, as they are purchased and developed. This means that members will be able to trade space at one for space at another, whenever they wish.

Can someone really become a member for only a dollar?

Yes. We believe that many of our entry-level members will upgrade once they’re more comfortable and able to do so. We also know that some people just want to support the project in some small way but aren’t looking to join us physically so this is an easy way for them to do that.

How do members claim their space after joining?

Once the initial crowdsale is complete, members will be contacted in the order they joined so that they can select their personal space on a map. This will give us a visual indication of how the people will be distributed across the property and where the unclaimed common areas will be. Precise GPS coordinates of each claim will staked and recorded when the corresponding members arrive to confirm them in person.

Will the pricing stay the same?

No, as we add value to the property and expand, the pricing is sure to increase over time.

Are the tiny lots treated the same as larger ones?

All of the small patches of land under 100 sq ft will be limited to a specific area that will be designed out to accommodate them. It’s likely to be an eclectic assortment of statues, signs, storage containers, gardens, and whatever else members might want to install on their little slices of the park.

Are members assigned land locations or do they choose their own?

Members choose their own locations on club property. A map will be provided with all available areas clearly marked along with all claims. Claims can be moved, expanded, traded, or sold afterwards.

Can members hold their claiming rights in reserve?

Yes, some may wish to buy in now, when the pricing is lowest, and stake their claim later, when future locations open.

Do the plots of land come with any utillities or services?

No. The $1/sf just grants you the space. There are usually multiple different solutions to any problem, each with their own pros and cons. For instance, to get water, some members will prefer to to drill their own water wells and others will prefer to pay to connect to the club water tower. Some will collect rainwater and others won’t. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and prefer to let members choose their own.

Do members have to pay dues or any other recurring fees?

No. Frenly Solutions will generate the revenue necessary for paying staff and maintaining essential infrastructure by operating a an events center in the middle of the park. This just covers the basics like maintaining a front gate, parking lot, driveway, grounds-keeping and security services.

Can memberships be terminated?

No, memberships cannot be terminated but in extreme cases of potentially dangerous conflict between members, individuals may be banned from club property until a peaceful resolution is achieved (see Dispute Resolution in the membership agreement).

What if the company dissolves?

If Frenly Solutions Inc were to dissolve, a new company would be formed, the land title would be transferred to it, and voting shares would be issued to members according to the values of their memberships (1 share per square foot). They would then be free to determine a new direction for the club via conventional corporate board meetings and votes.

Can non-Canadians join?

Yes, we welcome members from all over the world but we only advertise to Canadians, since they don’t have to deal with immigration, language/culture barriers, etc.

Will the club be marketed to Americans?

The club is open to Americans but we don’t advertise to them yet. We will when we expand our network to include locations in the US. Until then, it would only appeal to Americans that want to spend some time up here or are interested in joining the community early, when membership pricing is lowest (memberships purchased now will be transferable to all future locations).

Does membership help me with immigration to Canada?

Not directly, no. Canadian immigration officials don’t consider membership in a country club when processing applications for visas, residencies, or citizenship.


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